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Cure By Design CBD Oil Capsules

The Benefits of Taking CBD Oil Capsules

With proven anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, studies indicate CBD can help with a wide range of health issues, from minor aches and pains to anxiety, depression and even heart health. Science is just beginning to scratch the surface of CBD’s amazing healing power.

Our CBD Capsules

Our CBD capsules are 100% THC-free & produced with 100% American-hemp. Currently, we sell two different types of CBD oil capsules:

Sleep Support Capsules

Our CBD sleep support capsules help you relax and put your mind and body at ease. You’ll get a night of deep sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Weight Loss Capsules

Our CBD weight loss capsules provide your metabolism with a huge boost. Our fat-burning, energy-boosting Weight Loss Capsules are the perfect addition to your fitness regime or if you want to start your day with a nice jolt!

Benefits of Taking CBD Capsules

Energy Boost - Our CBD Capsules are loaded with potent antioxidants like EGCG, Green Tea Extract provides a gentle energy boost that can help boost metabolism and enhance weight loss results. It’s also great for long-term brain and liver health.

Reduce Pain - CBD helps people relieve body pain

Relieve Stress - CBD capsules are proven to help reduce stress - you’ll feel more peaceful and relaxed without getting “high”.

Mental Health - CBD helps people improve their mental health. If you’re fighting mood disorders, anxiety, depression or other mental health issues, CBD helps reduce symptoms of these issues.


100% organic, Full-spectrum Goodness, sourced only from 100% organic American grown hemp.


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