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Cure By Design CBD Crystals

Cure By Design CBD Crystals

CBD Crystals

Taking CBD Crystals can help treat a wide range of health issues, including alleviating body pain and improving your overall mood. Our CBD Crystals are 100% American produced and 100% THC-free, meaning you will not get you high from eating them.

What Exactly Are CBD Crystals?

Most people are not familiar with CBD crystals. CBD crystals are a completely pure, isolated form of the CBD compound extracted from cannabis plants.

How Do I Use CBD Crystals?

Because CBD crystals are essentially CBD in its purest form, there are a lot of ways you can use them. One way to use them is called ‘dabbing’ (see below).

Vaping & Dabbing

You can also dab them or use them in vapes. For those unfamiliar with “dabbing” it’s technique that people are use to vape/inhale incredibly potent doses of CBD, for an intense therapeutic response.

What Are The Benefits of Using CBD Crystals?

When dabbing, the effects are immediate. Our CBD crystals are very potent (1000mg of CBD) and provide a gentle boost in mood, can help relieve pain, improve mental health & reduce stress. All of these benefits without getting ‘high’.


100% organic, Full-spectrum Goodness, sourced only from 100% organic American grown hemp.


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